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Measuring with a Barbieri Spectro LFP

Step 1: Select your device from Measurement Instrument drop-down list (e.g. Barbieri Spectro LFP/Spectropad) Step 2: Click on Connect Device read more…

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Batch Overview


Batch processing in CoPrA allows profiles to be calculated while more profiles are being prepared in parallel. Advantages of Batch read more…

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Creating customized DeviceLink Profiles by using edited Test Images (EditCharts)


One of the most powerful features of CoPrA is the ability to create customized DeviceLink profiles based on individually adapted read more…

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Using Profile Manager


Profile Manager allows to directly view, organize, analyze, compare or even adapt profiles after creation without leaving the CoPrA environment. read more…

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Using the Tool ‘Image Conversion’

CoPrA image convert-01

CoPrA is able to convert PSD, TIFF and JPEG files using created ICC device profiles or DeviceLink profiles. This function read more…

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CoPrA’s Interface

All of CoPrA’s tools can be accessed from one location. CoPrA’s interface is operated through a navigation panel to quickly read more…

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Requesting a Demo license

CoPrA allows users to request a demo license for 14 days for software evaluation. The restriction of running CoPrA in read more…

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What is included with CoPrA 3.0

CoPrA 3.0 includes a variety of updated features and tools. read more…

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macOS: 10.7 or later – (Intel only) Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Installers for the respective platform read more…

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