SaveInk: Exceptions in SaveInk Profiling

By defining Exceptions when creating SaveInk profiles you can specify colors that will be excluded from ink saving.

Preserve 0% Black: By enabling this exception areas which are build with CMY only (without black) remain unchanged by the SaveInk optimization. This is particularly important when overprinting with CMY colors.

Preserve Secondaries: This achievs highly saturated secondary colors without reduction, although the total area coverage in the shadows will be reduced below 200%. Total area coverages over 200% always preserve secondary colors anyway, however, without this exception a reduction below 200% would also reduce red, green and blue tones which is not desired.

There is a tendency in current newspaper printing and high-speed InkJet printing to use a TAC of less than 200%. This may result in an unwanted reduction of secondary colors (those who need at least 200% ink) and thus result in washed-out colors. This can be avoided by activating the exception Preserve Secondaries as it ensures that full red, green and blue tones remain unchanged while the TAC of dark colors and of the black point does not exceed the set total area coverage of 200%.

Preserve Skin Tones: Activating this exception excludes skin tones from ink saving. This is an approach especially important for printing systems with coarse grid (for example, large format InkJet systems with low resolution, newspaper printing or printing processes subject to the ‘Missing Dot’ problem, such as flexographic or gravure printing) to reduce the peppering effect, visual graying or troubled skin tones.

Custom: Here you can specify individual CMYK color values which will be excluded from ink saving. These could include specific company colors or corporate identity colors that must remain unchanged. Selecting Edit opens a window where you can enter the CMYK color values to be excluded from SaveInk optimization.

Define Custom Exceptions:

  1. New creates an entry for a new color.
  2. Under Value, enter the CMYK value to be excluded from SaveInk conversion. Optionally, assign a name for this color.
  3. Enter as many colors as required.
  4. Activate the checkbox Enabled to select the colors to be excluded.
  5. Click OK to confirm these values.
  6. Make sure to enable the checkbox Custom.

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