The Profile Manager: Filters for Searching Profiles

Using the four drop-down menus and the text input box allows you to narrow down the search to find profiles more quickly.

Device Class: Displays all profiles of a specific device class. You can exclusively display Input (scnr), Output (prtr), Monitor (mntr), DeviceLink (link), Color Space (spac), Abstract (abst) or Named (nmcl) profiles.

DCS and PCS: With DCS (Device Color Space) and PCS (Profile Connection Space) you can view all profiles of a specific color space.

Text search: Here you can enter a search term to search specifically for a particular text in the profile. For example, by entering ‘preview’ you can view all preview profiles. You can also search for Name, Manufacturer, Creator, Date, System Profiles, Updated Profiles or Correction DeviceLinks. Narrowing down the search to a specific date can be useful if you would like to display all profiles that have been created on a given day.

Invert: All filters and keywords can be inverted by clicking on the corresponding checkbox. For example, if you select DeviceLink under Device Class, all DeviceLink profiles will be shown. If you now activate the checkbox Invert, all profiles except DeviceLink profiles will be shown.

A click on X resets all filters and displays all profiles.

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