The Profile Manager: The Tab Curves

The tab Curves shows the curves for the selected profile. For each Device Class only the appropriate options are available in the drop-down menu, e.g. for DeviceLinks, device profiles or monitor profiles (see screenshots).

Drop-down menu for DeviceLink profiles

Drop-down menu for device profiles

Drop-down menu for monitor profiles

For DeviceLinks you can display the purity of the channels: For printer profiles you can view the curves for the gray balance but many more curves and color space views are available additionally. Specific curves are available in the drop-down menu for monitor profiles. Try out the various options and curves to get an overview of the characteristics of your profiles.

A special feature of Profile Manager is the option to view the gray balance of a printer profile for different rendering intents in the profile. Thus you can view the gray balance of a conversion using the relative colorimetric rendering intent with black point compensation (see screenshot).

Gray balance of a CMYK printer profile when using the relative colorimetric rendering intents with black point compensation.

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