The Profile Manager: The Tab Gamut

The tab Gamut displays either a 2D or a 3D representation of the color space for the selected profile (see screenshots).

2D representation of the color space

3D representation of the color space

The representation changes according to the selected Rendering intent.

Sample Data: Sample data can either be image files (TIFF, JPEG or PSD files) or measurement data as text files (CGATS files in text format or CxF files) or a single Lab value entered manually. Based on the position of the values in the Lab color space the 3D or 2D representation quickly reveals whether images or color values can be reproduced within the desired printer gamut using the set Rendering intent.

Note: Image files (JPEG, TIFF or PSD) will be split into color patches using a lower resolution and will then be converted directly to Lab using either the embedded profile or the default profile and the set Rendering intent. The image will be converted and displayed as dots. The used profile is shown in brackets behind the file name. If no profile is embedded AdobeRGB is used for RGB images. CMYK images without profile are assumed to be in the CMYK color space of the selected profile. The used color space is always shown in brackets behind the file name.

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