The Profile Manager: The Tab Workflow

The tab Workflow automatically sets the Source and Target Profile of a DeviceLink and automatically enters the PDF/X Information into the profile to allow the automatic creation of configurations in ColorLogics color server ZePrA. This requires the source and the target profile of the DeviceLink. ZePrA then automatically reads out the information about source and target profiles as well as the PDF/X information from the loaded DeviceLink and applies them in the configuration (PDF/X information can be entered for CMYK printer profiles or DeviceLinks). However this only works for standard profiles or if this information is stored in the DeviceLink profile which is true for ColorLogic’s DeviceLink Sets. The tab Workflow allows you to add this information to self-created profiles. Profiles of other manufacturers can thus also be optimized for ZePrA’s workflow.

Gamut Comparison

A Gamut Comparison can be created by clicking on the double arrow icon at the bottom right of the window (see screenshots). In this process the gamut size of the selected profile is calculated and compared to the gamut size of the selected Reference profile. The selected profile is displayed behind Profile path.



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