Creating customized DeviceLink Profiles by using edited Test Images (EditCharts)

One of the most powerful features of CoPrA is the ability to create customized DeviceLink profiles based on individually adapted test charts (EditCharts). This smart way to create DeviceLink profiles opens up a multitude of possibilities. Use this tool for recurring retouching work on similar image data, convert RGB data to CMYK or multicolor data in a controlled way, factor in required gradation changes automatically into your data – the possibilities are almost unlimited. Subsequently, these profiles can be used in automated processes on color servers, such as ZePrA by ColorLogic.

Simply open one of the provided EditCharts (for CMYK, RGB or Grayscale) in an image editing program (like Adobe Photoshop) and perform all desired color corrections. Additionally, you may add other images to the chart to fully adapt it to your requirements. Please make sure to apply all changes to the entire chart and avoid working with masks or layers.

Each EditChart contains a patch with representative colors for the color spaces RGB, CMYK or Gray in the upper left corner and includes the gray axis, all pure colors and mixed colors. This color patch is mandatory for the calculation of the DeviceLink profile as CoPrA hereby recognizes the changes being made which will then be incorporated in the DeviceLink profile.



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