Distribution Package

What’s included with CoPrA:

  • CoPrA software
  • Additional software: Profile Manager (integrated into CoPrA) and ColorAnt (CoPrA M to XXL) or ColorAnt’s Measure Tool (CoPrA Basic) for measuring test charts
    Note: ColorAnt M is included in the packages CoPrA M to XLCoPrA XXL includes ColorAnt L and CoPrA Basic includes ColorAnt’s Measure Tool.
  • USB stick (dongle) or computer based license
  • Editable test charts to use with the DeviceLink tool Editing (in the folder EditTargets after installing CoPrA)
  • Multicolor test charts and reference files for creating printer profiles 
(in the folder Testcharts after installing CoPrA)
  • Quick Start Guide (printed)
  • Access to Online Help


The folder EditTargets can be found under:
Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\CoPrA 4\EditTargets
macOS: Applications\CoPrA 4\ EditTargets

The folders Testcharts can be found under:
Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\CoPrA 4\Testcharts
macOS: Applications\CoPrA 4\Testcharts

These folders can also be accessed by using the entries Open EditTargets folder and Open Testchart folder in the menu Tools.

The Online Help opens up in a web browser after clicking F1 or using the Help menu entry Online Help. An active internet connection is required.

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