Batch Overview

Batch processing in CoPrA allows profiles to be calculated while more profiles are being prepared in parallel.

Advantages of Batch Processing:

While a profile is calculated, you can load the next measurement data, set profile options or prepare different variants of a profile. All profiles that are calculated appear in the window Batch Overview and will be processed successively. Thus you do not have to wait for the calculation of the previous profile to be finished and you can continue with your next steps.

Profiles will appear automatically in Batch Overview when the creation of one or more profiles is started, for example when recalculating DeviceLink profiles.

There are three buttons on the upper left of the window which start or stop the calculation of profiles or remove profiles from this view. On the upper right is a set of tools:

  • PDF and XML: Create PDF or XML reports (XML reports require CoPrA L or higher)
  • Open Report…: Opens existing reports
  • Create preview profile: Subsequently creates preview profiles
  • Show in Profile Manager…: The selected profile is opened directly in Profile Manager
  • Show in file manager…: Opens the location of the profile

A right click on a profile opens a context menu containing these tools.

The column Color Space shows either the color space or the source and target color space of a recalculation depending on the type of profile creation. The progress of profile processing is displayed in the column Status.

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