Creating Printer and DeviceLink Profiles: Format, Size and Further Processing

In the last step in profiling you can assign a Name for the profile and choose the Format and Size of your profile. Various options are available for the different profiling typs (DeviceLink, Editing, SaveInk or Printer Profiling).

Name: Select a name for your profile.

Format: Here you can define the format of your profile. An ICC format in accordance with specification v2 is recommended as basic setting. However, you can also choose the newer format ICC v4. In this case, you have to ensure that your programs support this format correctly.

Note: ColorLogic products handle and use ICC v4 profiles consistently and correctly.

Size: The setting Large is a good choice. The size specifies the number of grid points in the profile and determines the amount of disk space required for the generated profile. Small profiles should only be used for test purposes. Very Large profiles can slow down further processing in subsequent programs. Additionally, some programs are not able to handle very large profiles.

Create Profile Report (PDF): We recommend to activate this option. The PDF report provides you with an overview of the quality of your profile based on statistics, diagrams of gray balances, gradients and gamuts as well as color separations of converted test files.

Save Preview Profile: This option is only available in DeviceLink profiling and Multicolor printer profiling. By activating this option an ICC preview profile will be created in addition to the DeviceLink profile. It is based on the selected DeviceLink combination and can be used as soft proof profile in Adobe Photoshop.

Note: Preview profiles are only suitable for soft proofing. When creating a DeviceLink profile based on edited test charts, a preview profile can only be created if the required information for source and target profiles are available.

Save: Profiles are saved in the folder Profiles (macOS) or color (Windows), (macOS: /Users/Username/Library/ColorSync/Profiles, Windows: C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color). Profiles can only be created and saved once you have registered.

Note: CoPrA-SP profiles are stored in the ColorLogic subfolder Licensed-Profiles.

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