The Tab Black Generation: Settings for Black Calculation

Under Black Point and TAC you can define the overall Total Area Coverage (TAC) and the TAC for the black point (Black TAC).The Black-TAC represents the darkest color value of the profile which is usually identical with the maximum TAC. CoPrA offers a choice of different settings for Black Calculation. There are three different settings available for Printer Profiling and four for DeviceLink Profiling (see screenshot below).

The value for the maximum total area coverage can be entered in the input box TAC (value range: 0­ to 400%). This value must not be exceeded. This also applies to multicolor profiles.
Note: The sliders limit each other, so the TAC can never be lower than the Black-TAC (but it can be higher).
The maximum amount of black ink to be used (given by the separation) can be entered in the box Max.Black (range: 0 to 100%).

  • By selecting the setting Auto the calculation of the optimal black point (dark and neutral) is based on the measurement data. The values entered for Black-TAC and Max.Black define limits which must not be exceeded, but may be lower if technically possible.
    Note: If you do not have a default value for the Black-TAC it is recommend to use 400% as a starting point for the calculation.
  • The setting Balance CMY adapts the CMY values to a pre-defined Max.Black value and generates a neutral black point. Define the Black TAC and TAC in accordance with the printing conditions. The Max. Black should be set to the ideal value for your substrate. Similar to the setting Auto those values are regarded as maximum values which may be underrun if a neutral black point is not achievable.
  • Custom allows to define the black point in the input box Custom as CMYK values. The Black-TAC value will then be recalculated.
    Note: CoPrA calculates the Lab values based on the entered custom values. When changing custom values the resulting effects can be seen immediately. If you prefer CoPrA’s recommendations select the settings Balance CMY or Auto.

    Note: Neutral a* and b* values are the basis of the Black Calculation when selecting the settings Auto or Balance CMY. In contrast, selecting the setting Custom allows to generate a black point without neutral a* and b* values.
  • The setting Target Profile is only available for DeviceLink profiling (using the tool DeviceLink from the sidebar) and calculates a black point based on the values of the target profile. The values for the calculation will be displayed and all sliders will be grayed out.

Other important special functions of the Black Generation dialog and the display of the calculated black point are explained here.

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