Black Generation Mode & GCR options

The Mode chooser allows to globally set the separation method used. The following options are available:

  • Auto selects a medium strong GCR method depending on the measurement data.
  • UCR: you may define the Black Start and the Black Width
  • GCR: additionally allows to define the GCR Amount
  • MinK: uses black only a little and leads to a separation using the maximum amount of CMY
  • MaxK: uses the maximum amount of black possible leading to a separation with very little CMY amounts.


The GCR options include settings for GCR Amount, Black Start and the Black Width:

  • GCR Amount defines how much CMY parts are replaced with black. With 0 a very light GCR is used that many affects shadow areas. 100 however uses a strong GCR which uses black from light to dark color areas.
  • Black Start defines the starting point to generate black. If the minimum of C,M,Y exceed the limit, black will be generated.
  • Black Width defines the range outside the neutral area to generate black. The lower the value the less black will be generated ouside the neutral area.


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