Import, Export or Cleanup of Profile Settings

Profile settings for printer, DeviceLink and SaveInk profiling can be selected in the drop-down menu Setting. CoPrA Basic allows you to select default predefined settings, from CoPrA M and higher you have access to all the parameters of the profile which you can customize freely. To adjust these profile parameters select Customize. Custom settings can be saved, imported and exported. This way you can exchange personal profiling settings easily with other CoPrA users or make them available for support purposes.

Import setting: Settings can either be imported as configuration file via the Tools menu using the entry Import setting or by dragging a profile with the desired settings on the drop-down menu Setting. The name of imported profiles receives the suffix (imported). If you attempt to drag an inappropriate profile (for example an RGB profile for CMYK profiling) on the drop-down menu Setting, an error message appears.

Export setting: Customized profile settings can be selected in the drop-down menu Setting and exported as configuration file by using the entry Export setting from the Tools menu.

However, CoPrA’s default settings cannot be exported. Standard settings are listed in the drop-down menu Setting under the entry [PREDEFINED] and can be custumized, but they cannot be overwritten. After customizing a standard setting the name receives the suffix (edited). It is now a custom setting which is listed under the entry [EDITED] and thus can be exported. Edited settings can be saved under any name of your choice. Saved settings will be removed from [EDITED] and listed under [SAVED]. Saved and edited settings can be deleted manually.

Cleanup settings: All settings found under the entry [EDITED] will be deleted automatically when using the command Cleanup settings from the Tools menu.


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