Printer Profiling: Creating Customized Printer Profiles by using Edited Test Images (EditCharts)

Customized printer profiles can be created without measurement data by using edited test images (EditCharts) for profiling.

For example, in this way the soft proof of a printer profile can be edited.

Open the appropriate EditChart in an image editing program like Adobe Photoshop. For RGB profiles use the RGB EditChart for CMYK profiles use the CMYK EditChart. The supplied EditCharts can be found in the EditTargets folder (in CoPrA in the menu Tools > Open EditTargets folder or in Windows: C:/Progam Files(x86)/CoPrA 4/EditTargets and in macOS: Applications/CoPrA 4/EditTargets).

Assign the printer profile you want to edit to the EditChart and edit the test image under visual control using a calibrated and profiled monitor until the soft proof matches the printout or until you are satisfied with the result.

Save the EditChart including the embedded profile under a new name and open it in CoPrA’s tool Printer Profiling. The new customized printer profile will be created using the edited EditChart and the embedded profile.

If you don’t have a printer profile you can still use this method. Edit the EditChart under visual control in an image editing program until it meets your requirements, for example if the screen display matches the printout. Convert the image into Lab, save the file and open it in CoPrA’s tool Printer Profiling.


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