Editing of DeviceLink Profiles: Customize Source and Target Colors in Test Images (EditCharts)

  1. To incorporate any desired color transformation into a DeviceLink profile, like general corrections or selective color corrections, this color transformation has initially to be integrated into the selected EditChart using an image editing software (for example Adobe Photoshop).
  2. Open the desired EditChart in your image editing software in the appropriate color space (the color space from which the color conversion will be performed). The provided EditCharts can be found in the EditTargets folder (in CoPrA in the menu Tools > Open EditTargets folder or in Windows: C:/Progam Files(x86)/CoPrA 4/EditTargets and in macOS: Applications/CoPrA 4/EditTargets).
  3. When you have modified the EditChart and saved it under a new name, open it in the tool Editing, either by drag and drop or by using the button Select Edited Testchart.
  4. You can now assess the modifications for each color patch. Here, the original unedited EditChart is used as a reference. The reference chart is located in the upper left half of the diagonally split color patch, the edited EditChart is in the right lower half. If you move the mouse pointer over the chart the color patches will be displayed along with other color information including a difference display in parentheses (color space and TAC value).
  5. The options available in the control panel Purify Colors allow you to eliminate any contamination that may result from manual corrections. The slider Range can be used to remove contamination from adjacent colors (for the selected exception, respectively).
  6. Next takes you to the Save dialog. Here you can give the edited DeviceLink profile a name. Select a large profile size before saving.

Notes: If you first convert the EditChart using a DeviceLink profile and incorporate color corrections into the EditChart afterwards, you can factor in both color manipulations into a new DeviceLink profile. This way you can use your own gamut mapping for color conversions.

Please make sure EditCharts are not scaled and saved without compression (no JPEG for example), as this would change the identifier colors in the upper right corner of the EditChart and the color patches could no longer be recognized by CoPrA. Additionally, all corrections must be performed comprehensively without using layers or masks!

If a profile is embedded in the opened EditChart, it will automatically be selected as target color space. A further advantage of edited DeviceLinks with assigned source and target profiles is that this profile information is stored in the PSID tag of the profile, so it can be used by intelligent workflow solutions, like ColorLogic’s color server ZePrA, to automatically create configurations.

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