Creating DeviceLink profiles: Selecting Presets

Under Setting you can select a suitable predefined setting for the creation of the DeviceLink profile from the drop-down menu. The names of the presets are based on typical tasks in printing.

For offset or newspaper printing select either the preset Print-to-Print – Traditional or select Print-to-Print – Automatic exceptions. They only differ in the exceptions. In the first case exceptions are entered manually, in the second case exceptions are determined automatically.

For large format printing select one of the presets Large Format Printing - Close Match or Large Format Printing – Higher Chroma.

For digital printing select one of the two presets Digital Printing – Close Match or Digital Printing – PSD conformity. Choose the latter if you would like to obtain conversion results complying with ‘Fogra Process Standard Digital Printing’ and still benefit from the advantages of DeviceLink conversions.

If none of the presets meets your requirements select Default as a starting point and adapt the settings under Customize to your needs.

In general you should review the settings for Rendering intent, Exceptions and Black Generation under Customize and, if necessary, adjust them to your requirements and printing conditions before creating the DeviceLink profile.

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