Creation of Multicolor-to-Multicolor DeviceLink profiles

CoPrA makes it possible to create Multicolor-to-Multicolor DeviceLink profiles in the DeviceLink Profiling module. You can use all the options for Rendering, Exceptions and Black Generation, as with all other DeviceLinks. In previous versions, CoPrA already supported Multicolor target profiles with up to 7 channels, but only RGB and CMYK source profiles could be loaded. Now, CoPrA also supports Multicolor source profiles with up to 7 channels. Note that both the source profile and the target profile must consist of CMYK + a maximum of three additional channels. Non-CMYK color combinations for the first four channels are not supported.

Notes: You need a Multicolor and DeviceLink license to take advantage of this new feature.

The Exceptions you might want to use for profile generation apply only to the CMYK components of the Multicolor profiles. However if the purity of CMY primary colors or of red, green and blue secondary colors cannot be preserved, because the additional multicolor channels add to the colorfulness of the separations, the exceptions will not be applied.

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