Preferences: Adjust CoPrA to your requirements

Basic options, such as view, report settings or the location of profiles can be set under Preferences.

  • View: Here you can choose the tool which will open at startup. This allows to quickly access your preferred tool. By activating the checkbox Do not display informational popups graphical information about tools of the Sidebar will no longer be displayed. However, tool tips for features will still be displayed.
  • Profiles: Here you can select the location of your profiles. By default profiles are stored in the system profile folder. If you would like to store your profiles in a different location, for example a network folder, simply activate the checkbox Custom profile folder and specify the storage path.
    Subfolders for the various profile classes and color spaces are created automatically.

Note: Profiles which are not stored in the system profile folder may not be available for other programs.

A hint for Mac users: Create a subfolder in the ColorSync profiles folder to store all profiles created by CoPrA in one place. These profiles will still be accessible for all programs using ICC profiles.

  • Overwrite existing preview profiles automatically: Preview profiles can be created when creating DeviceLinks or multi-color profiles but they can also be created in Batch Overview or Profile Manager. By activating the checkbox Overwrite existing preview profiles automatically already existing preview profiles will be overwritten without warning.

Note: Preview profiles are only intended for soft proofs and give a good visual preview of the expected result of a DeviceLink conversion. However, they should never be used for the actual conversion. Detailed information about preview profiles can be found here.

  • Report creation: Here you can specify the Default save path. In the default setting CoPrA stores profile reports in the user directory (in Windows under C:\Users\Username\Documents\CoPrA4\Reports\).
    Default report format: Defines whether to create a PDF report containing sample images or an XML report containing pure data. Users who prefer customized reports and graphical visualizations will benefit from an XML report. For XML data import into other programs (for example Excel) a style sheet (XSD file) is available.
    By activating the checkbox Open profile reports automatically with default viewer the created profile report (for example a PDF report) will be opened using your default application (for example Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Note: The XML report feature is included in the program in package CoPrA L or higher.

  • Report Customization: Here you can enter a subtitle or add your own company Logo to the profile report. By default the CoPrA icon is used.

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