Loading Measurement Data or Measuring Test Charts

Every printer profiling requires a test chart containing various color patches of the corresponding color space as a basis. There are two ways to get measurement data for the creation of a printer specific ICC profile: Either measure and optimize the test chart using appropriate software, such as ColorAnt, and open the received measurement values in CoPrA, or create the measurement values directly in CoPrA using the integrated Measure Tool.

The use of ColorAnt for the measurement data processing is an advantage as it allows to eliminate measurement errors, printing errors and other artifacts (for example inhomogeneities). Analyzing and optimizing the measurement data results in an increased profile quality which then results in improved production reliability.

Note: For CMYK printing processes we recommend the test charts ECI2002 or IT8.7/4. For RGB printers use test charts with many test patches (900 and more). Please use the test charts provided by CoPrA and reference files for multicolor printing processes. To open the reference and measurement files they must be available as compatible text files.

  • Load…: Allows to open already existing measurement data files. CoPrA supports a considerable variety of measurement data formats of many measurement device manufacturers. Alternatively, drag and drop the data into the window Printer Profiling, the measurement and reference data will then be extracted and displayed. The required measurement and reference data can be received in three different ways:
    (1)    You can use reference data provided by organizations such as Fogra, ECI or IDEAlliance.
    (2)    Many manufacturers of profiling software save the measurement and reference files which were used for the creation of the profile in the ICC profile. Simply drag and drop the desired ICC profile into the window Printer Profiling and the data will be extracted and displayed. Alternatively, the profile can be opened and extracted using the button Load… If that does not work the corresponding profile does not contain any measurement data.
    (3)    You can measure test charts using ColorAnt or measuring tools from other profiling manufacturers, save the obtained measurement values and subsequently open them in CoPrA.
  • Measure…: As an alternative to working with pre-existing measurement data, test charts can also be measured using CoPrA’s own Measure Tool. It can be opened by selecting the button Measure… and allows to measure test charts for printer profiling with the supported measuring devices. Further information on the measurement of test charts can be found here.
  • Setting: Here you can select the applied printing method. CoPrA already contains a large number of standard settings for common printing methods (for example digital printing).
  • Customize: In order to achieve the best possible profile quality further settings can be adjusted under Customize, like settings for Black Generation, the specification of the first printed tone or General settings.
  • Fit to Width: By activating this checkbox the color patches of a row will be fit to the window width. Especially for large test charts with very many color patches and many rows the color patches will be displayed larger.
  • Show reference data: By activating this checkbox the reference data (i.e. the device values such as CMYK or RGB) and the measurement data (i.e. Lab or spectral values) will be displayed conjointly in a split color patch. This facilitates the visual control as well as the correct assignment of reference and measurement values to avoid faulty profiles.
  • Patch: Several information are available for the selected color patch, like the number of the patch, the total number of color patches, the color space and composition of the color, the total area coverage (TAC value) and the Lab value.



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