Visual Tools for the Editing of DeviceLink Profiles

Existing DeviceLink profiles can be edited in CoPrA to quickly achieve good results in applications with special requirements.

To create DeviceLink profiles based on edited test charts (EditCharts) an image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop is needed in addition to the provided EditCharts. The supplied EditCharts can be found in the EditTargets folder (in CoPrA in the menu Tools > Open EditTargets folder or in Windows: C:/Progam Files(x86)/CoPrA 4/EditTargets and in macOS: Applications/CoPrA 4/EditTargets).
Modify the selected EditChart in Adobe Photoshop and save the edited test chart as TIFF or PSD file without any masks or layers. Subsequently, open the file in the module DeviceLink Editing (by selecting the tool Editing from the sidebar) and create a DeviceLink profile based on it.

CoPrA allows to analyze data precisely and efficiently. All relevant settings are neatly arranged in a window. The opened EditChart will be displayed larger when enabling the checkbox Fit to width. Both the processed as well as the unprocessed EditChart are visualized conjointly in split color patches. In addition, the selected color patch is emphasized to allow a precise visual assessment of the changes. Furthermore, color patches which are affected by options of the control panel Purify Colors are marked by a red frame, so that the resulting effects can be monitored accurately and quickly.


A Profile Report can be created immediately in the module DeviceLink Editing along with the edited DeviceLink profile.

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