Provided Test Images (EditCharts)

Compilation of Suitable Test Images

The motifs of a test image play a central role for the creation, control and optimization of DeviceLink profiles. They should cover all areas that are significant for the application of the DeviceLink profile. Each color space which is used in conversions requires its own relevant test image, i.e. the color spaces Gray, RGB, CMYK and possibly Lab. Test images for these color spaces are provided by CoPrA (shown below).


Compilation of Photographic Motifs

The chosen photographic motifs should cover various areas such as skin tones, neutral tones, shadows, highlights and saturated colors. It is advisable to use test images which are applied industry-wide, like the Roman16 test images of the ECI or the BVDM or images of the ISO (if available). Some of these images are included in the EditCharts provided by CoPrA (CLEditCMYK_Large_v31_144dpi.tif, for example). Additional images from your production enhance the significance of the test images.


Gradients are generally a critical factor in color conversions, both when using traditional ICC device profiles for source and target or when using DeviceLink profiles. The Homann Smoothness Inspection gradient test form is intended for the assessment of possible breaks or artifacts. It is included in the test file CLEditCMYK_Large_ v31_144dpi.tif.

Pure CMY Colors

The test image should also have pure colors in various shades, particularly for CMYK-to-CMYK conversions. They should be positioned at the edge of the test image and should be large enough to allow direct comparison and measurement before and after conversion. This is important on proofs, for the use of colorimeters or the eyedropper tool in Photoshop.


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