Creating DeviceLink Profiles: Introduction

DeviceLink profiles offer some advantages in comparison to usual device profiles:

  • DeviceLink profiles contain the conversion tables of the two devices used and can therefore be used without a second profile (in contrast to other ICC profiles). Due to the direct conversion both quality and speed are increased.
  • DeviceLink profiles compensate for many weak points of conversions using ICC output profiles. For example, the DeviceLink allows to preserve the black channel so that text is printed using black ink only rather than using four inks.
  • In addition, ink can be saved (SaveInk) and the result can be adapted to the paper white.
  • In proofing DeviceLinks also provide a substantially increased proof quality.

CoPrA allows to create DeviceLink profiles for all combinations of color spaces: Gray, RGB, CMYK and multi-color. Arguably, the most important applications are conversions of CMYK-to-CMYK, RGB-to-CMYK and CMYK-to-multi-color.

DeviceLink profiles thus complete the color conversions of “normal” ICC output profiles and are often used for special applications in order to achieve significantly better results, for example in conversions of CMYK data for various printing processes.

In order to create DeviceLink profiles you need ICC printer profiles. If you do not have printer profiles yet, you can easily create them in CoPrA (using the tool Printer Profiling from the sidebar).

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