Measuring with a Barbieri Spectro LFP

Step 1: Select your device from Measurement Instrument drop-down list (e.g. Barbieri Spectro LFP/Spectropad)

Step 2: Click on Connect

Device Options

Once the selected device connects, the Measuring Wizard LFP launches:

Position the head to the top left corner as shown in the prompt at bottom left of the screen (3)

Use the controls on the upper left to manually position the head (Fig 4) or with the Auto positioning option (Fig 5) (applicable if the chart has the required borders and marks).

With Auto positioning selected, clicking Next (Fig 6) will start chart measuring the entire chart.

Important: To utilize Auto Positioning the test chart must have borders and marks

For manual positioning click Next (Fig 6) to set the bottom corner of the test chart.

Manual Positioning Controls

The 4 arrows will change the position of the measurement head (left, right, top, bottom). Raise and lower the head with the double arrow in the center.

Tip: Change the position of the head with the corresponding arrow keys on the keyboard

Step: Defines the amount of patches the measurement head moves on one arrow click

Position: Change the position of the head by a specific amount of x/y coordinates

The second wizard page sets the position for the upper right corner with the same as above procedure, then click Next.

The final manual positioning page sets the bottom right corner with the same procedure and click Next. 


Rows per Page: Enter the number of rows on the test chart page. If the test chart consists of multiple pages, enter the number of rows on the first page.

Aperture Size: Select between Default, 2,6,8 or manual

Calibration: Fast- calibrates at the start of every test chart page. Accurate – calibrates every other line

Start: Starts measuring the chart

Multi page test charts: 

Manual Positioning

If the test chart has multiple pages a screen prompting the user to place the next page(s) on the table:


1. Place the next test chart page on the table

2. Recalibrate the table and use the manual controls as described above for two edges of the test chart page. The third corner is calculated automatically.

3.  Click Start to measure the next page

IMPORTANT: If the second page is placed EXACTLY where the previous page was placed, click Start without recalibration. The previous coordinates will be used.

Automatic Positioning

When Automatic Positioning is selected:


The Use auto positioning option will be selected automatically.

Click on Start  the auto positioning feature for the next page.

Important: To utilize Auto Positioning the test chart must have borders and marks


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