Update of the ZePrA configurator for Enfocus Switch

A new ZePrA configurator for Enfocus Switch is available: ColorLogic~ZePrA v4.enfpack. The new version 4 replaces the existing configurator (version 3) delivered with Switch. It fixes several issues and provides improvements specifcally for users of ZePrA 4.6 and higher. Before the new configurator will be officially available via the Crossroads website or with new versions of Switch. The installers for ZePrA 4.6 and ZePrA 4.1.6 will create a new folder within the installation folder of ZePrA called Switch Configurator that contains the updated configurator file and a readme.

How to update the ZePrA configurator in Switch

  1. Double click the file ColorLogic~ZePrA v4.enfpack and click OK in the upcoming Switch dialog to update the existing configurator.
  2. Close and restart Switch. The new ZePrA configurator will be available in the list of configurators under Custom.
  3. In case you are already using Flows with the previous ZePrA configurator a dialog should appear upon restart of Switch asking you if you wish to update the Flows. If the dialog does not appear restart Switch again until the dialog appears. Accept to update the Flows.
  4. To activate the Flows again select Restart Switch Server in the File menu. You are now up and running.

Features of the ZePrA configurator with ZePrA 4.6 and higher under Macintosh

With ZePrA 4.6 and higher a new command line version of ZePrA called zcmd will be installed along side with the GUI version of ZePrA. The zcmd is intended to be used for any command line applications including Switch.

In case you are setting up new Flows in Switch with the new ZePrA configurator and ZePrA 4.6 and higher the configurator will automatically use zcmd for the communication and file conversion between ZePrA and Switch. For existing Flows however and after updating the configurator the ZePrA 4.6 application itself will still be used for the communication and file conversion between ZePrA and Switch. As this has some disadvantages and restrictions we suggest to change this. To do so you need to set the path to the zcmd in the ZePrA configurators settings in Switch.

In order to define the path correctly open the package file by simply right clicking on the ZePrA.app and selecting the Show Package Contents entry from the drop down menu (see screenshot). After that navigate to the subfolder Contents/MacOS to find the zcmd executable. Now use this path in the ZePrA configurator.

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