Recalculation of DeviceLink Profiles

Existing DeviceLink profiles can be adapted to new source or destination profiles using the module Recalculate.

This function is especially useful when an optimized printer profile based on a reference profile has been created using the printer profiling tool Update Profile and all existing DeviceLinks based on that reference profile have to be adapted to the new optimized profile.

For the recalculation CoPrA uses the settings of the original DeviceLink profile (the settings that were used when the profile was created) and replaces a currently used profile with a new source or destination profile (depending on the application). If many DeviceLinks need to be adapted to new profiles or many DeviceLink profile combinations emerge the module Recalculate is an effective time saver.

Procedure for the Recalculation of DeviceLink Profiles

  1. Select the profile to be replaced with a new profile in the drop-down menu Current profile of the section Select profile. Select the new profile in the drop-down menu Recalculate with.
  2. In Saving Options you can specify whether you want to Create new (DeviceLink) profiles or Overwrite existing profiles .
    : When overwriting existing profiles we strongly recommend to back up the old profiles before applying any changes. To create a backup copy activate the checkbox Create duplicate and define a file name in the text box Template.
  3. The name of recalculated DeviceLink profiles and the backup copies (if applicable) can be defined in the text box Template. Either select one of the two predefined templates in the drop-down menu, or define the name in the text box Template by choosing supported keywords.
    Note: If you move your mouse pointer over the drop-down menu a tool tip with descriptions of available keywords appears. Simply enter the desired keywords in the text box Template. All keywords must be parenthesized with a percent sign %. The resulting name will immediately be displayed in the column New DeviceLink Name and can be corrected in the text box Template if necessary.
  4. All DeviceLink profiles based on the currently selected profile are listed on the left in the column Original DeviceLink Name. The column New DeviceLink Name shows the resulting name of the recalculated DeviceLink profile.
  5. Select the DeviceLinks to be recalculated by activating the relevant check boxes in the table. By default all check boxes are activated. With the options All, None and Invert check boxes can be activated or disabled comprehensively. We recommend to select the profiles to be recalculated deliberately and to disable the check boxes of the other profiles.
    Note: DeviceLinks which would produce errors will be highlighted in red in the table. Errors occur when source or target profiles are not available. The check boxes of these profiles are deactivated automatically to avoid error messages during the recalculation.
  6. If you have selected all DeviceLinks to be recalculated and have defined the desired naming, click the Start button and all DeviceLinks will be recalculated.
    Note: A right click on a row displays a context menu which shows the complete path to the profile location. This is useful when you look for the newly created profile.
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