Introduction to the Tool ‘Update Profile’

The tool Update Profile allows you to create optimized ICC printer profiles for RGB, CMYK and Multicolor color spaces, without the need to be a color management expert. Easily adjust your current printing condition to any given print standard including both international and house standards. Generate an updated profile based on a standard profile with just a few color measurements – quickly and without much effort. Soft and digital proof simulate reliably how customer data will be reproduced on your printing machine and digital printing will produce great color results as well. No matter how your printing variables change, be it a change in the substrate, a color or other parameters, the tool Update Profile and the professional conversion of print data via Correction DeviceLinks created with CoPrA will provide a solution.

Notes: Updating Multicolor profiles requires a Multicolor license.

Application Examples:

  • Adapting to a different paper white
  • Adjustment to a different tone value based on a different substrate
  • Compensation of color shifts due to differing scale colors
  • Creation of house standards based on standard profiles
  • Optimizing color reproduction in digital printing

A detailed step-by-step instruction can be found in the chapter Updating Printer Profiles.


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