Other improvements in CoPrA 4

  • CoPrA 4 has an improved GamutMapping. Especially for small, mal formed and “strange” color spaces which are more common in industrial applications like textil, ceramics and high speed inkjet, the new GamutMapping will lead to improved results. Higher saturated colors and smoother blends providing colors results closer to the original colors you wish to produce.
  • The quality of the multicolor profiles has been tremendously improved both in terms of accuracy for proofing purposes as in terms of increasing the gamut and better separations. The Multicolor Mode smooth has been set as default method instead of strong.
  • The profile sizes of printer profiles has been changed so that profiles will be larger in size due to using optimized grid points. This and other changes in the algorithms lead to an increased accuracy of profiles.
    Note: Pay attention with using multicolor profiles with the very large profile size. Some CMMs and applications on the market may not be able to handle them but the Image conversion feature build into CoPrA or our color server ZePrA can handle them, which demonstrates the advanced capabilities using the ColorLogic CrossXColor CMM.
  • The smoothness of CMYK-to-CMYK DeviceLinks has been noticeably improved.
  • CoPrA 4 is the first ColorLogic universal binary application on the Mac. E.g. you can decide to run the application either as 32-Bit or 64-Bit with 64-Bit being the default.
  • Multithreading support has been added to CoPrA 4. Several profiles can now be calculated simultaneously making the profile creation process for power users much faster than before.
  • For Multicolor-to-Multicolor DeviceLinks with the same amount of channels a new Multicolor Mode to Preserve the color properties of the source color space has been added. This mode allows for the Exceptions to be applied on all multicolor channels and not only the CMYK parts.
    Note: For example the primaries exceptions would maintain all primaries and the secondaries exceptions would maintain combinations of any of two primaries and not only those with CMY combinations.
  • There are two new filters in Profile Manager to search for Updated Profiles and Correction DeviceLinks on your system.
  • New context menu features in Profile Manager allow to choose a given printer profile to be either the source or the target profile for DeviceLink creation. For updated profiles an additional option is available that sets the required profiles and settings for building Correction DeviceLinks automatically.
    Note: After you have selected one of the new options you may switch to the DeviceLink module to check settings and to build the DeviceLink.
  • Simplified profiling presets for Digital Printers. Now clients do not need to select between two presents for profiling digital printer any more as it was in CoPrA 3. The Digital Printer preset will automatically check for the best black point and takes into account non subtractive color behaviors automatically based on the measurement data.
  • New option when creating DeviceLinks to Embed Profiles. This option embeds the source and target profile in the resulting DeviceLink. This would only be helpful in case the profile is shared on an other computer where those source and target profiles are not existing. In addition the main reason is one RIP used in the market seems to only accept DeviceLinks if source and target profiles are embedded.
    Note: The file size will be tremendously bigger as printer profiles are mostly larger in size than DeviceLinks. We recommend to only use this option if one of the two reasons mentioned above apply. ZePrA and other ColorLogic applications for example do not recognize such embedded profiles.
  • Support of 2CLR, 3CLR, 4CLR profiles in Image Conversion.
  • Image Conversion supports Lab profiles now.
  • The embedded profile of a loaded images in the Image Conversion feature has been shown in previous versions of CoPrA. Now the embedded profile will be selected as source profile automatically.
  • Changed software behavior regarding showing and using of demo and serialized profiles in the drop down menus for profiles. Demo profiles will only be shown in a demo version of CoPrA and not in NFR or payed software. Serialized profiles – encrypted profiles working with a specific serial number – will only be shown in case the serial numbers between profiles and the recent CoPrA version match.
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