Creation of Correction DeviceLink Profiles

If an updated printer profile has been created using the tool Update Profile a corrected DeviceLink profile can be created as well. This ensures that print data is converted in a way that results in the same color impression on the printing system as before the color change. The corresponding DeviceLink profile (Reference profile) is therefore converted to an updated profile (Correction DeviceLink profile).

There are three different ways to create a Correction DeviceLink profile:

  1. If you are updating a printer profile (using the tool Update Profile) activate the checkbox Calculate DeviceLink in the last step. Thereby a Correction DeviceLink profile is created together with the updated printer profile.
  2. In the menu Navigation open Profile Manager, than open the context menu by right-clicking on the updated printer profile and select the option Setup profiles for Correction DeviceLink.
  3. Select the tool DeviceLink from the Sidebar. Select the reference profile from the drop-down menu Source Profile and the updated printer profile from Target Profile. In such a combination the message ‘This combination of profiles will create a Correction DeviceLink profile‘ is displayed. In addition, the Setting: Default – Correction DeviceLink should be selected to ensure correct profile settings are being used.

Note: For Multicolor Correction DeviceLinks the Multicolor Mode: Preserve color properties must be used (under Customize/tab Black Generation). This option is set automatically when the Setting: Default – Correction DeviceLink is selected

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