New features and bug fixes in CoPrA 4.2

New features in CoPrA 4.2

  • As of version 4.2 ColorAnt 4 and the new Measure Tool is included. Detailed information about the Measure Tool can be found in the online help.
  • There are two new Multicolor Modes available for printer and DeviceLink profiling. In addition, the Multicolor Mode Strong has been revised significantly. Detailed information on the feature Multicolor Mode as well as the use of its modes can be found in the online help.
  • The feature Highlights, for simulating the first printed tone, has been expanded providing two new options for printer profiling and three new options for DeviceLink profiling. Highlights features are available here.
  • The maximum value for the Highlights option has been increased from 10% to 20%. (Ticket #170078)
  • CoPrA SP (Serialized Profiles) creates encrypted profiles which are valid for the serial number of the licensed dongle or computer. Additionally, special licenses allow the generation of profiles which are valid for further serial numbers and thus can be used on other computers as well. Please contact us if you require such licenses.
  • The calculation of printer profiles using measurement data whose primaries are lighter than substrate white has been improved. Color values that are lighter than substrate white are no longer truncated, therefore better proofs can be created.
  • The interface has been improved for multicolor and 4CLR profiles that don’t contain black. Information on Black Generation and Multicolor Mode will now be displayed during printer profiling. Information about the use of Exceptions will now be displayed during DeviceLink profiling.


Bug Fixes CoPrA 4.2

  • A SaveInk license only can now be issued.
  • The Predefined settings for the reduction of the total amount of color (TAC – Limit300 and TAC – Limit220) in the module Save Ink have been revised.
  • In the Profile Manager, the display of curves of multicolor profiles and profiles which are not composed of CMYK have been optimized. Curves are now displayed with the correct primary color name.
  • In the module DeviceLink the calculation of Exceptions in regards to Predefined settings has been improved.
  • The setting Black TAC is now correctly stored in the information tag of printer profiles, therefore it will be displayed correctly when imported into CoPrA again.
  • CoPrA can now be started by drag and drop of an ICC profile or by using the option Open with in the context menu of the operation system (Ticket #170170)
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