Exceptions are used to allow targeted color conversion of special colors. If the source and target colors are the same, the colors are linearized; if the color spaces are different, they are optimized and adapted. Exceptions ensure that special properties of colors are preserved. The ColorLogic Optimize technology obtains the property of the input colors (for example, using one color channel of primary colors or using two color channels for secondary colors), but calculates the optimal combination in order to minimize color errors.

Depending on the color space combination, other exceptions are available for use when creating DeviceLink profiles.

Exceptions are calculated in the background using ColorLogic Optimize technology, whereby the color value providing the best color match is calculated. If the Triplex option is activated as an exception, all other options influenced by it are also automatically activated. The purity of Gray, 100% Black, Duplex, Primary colors and Secondary colors is preserved in the DeviceLink profile as a result. If Duplex is selected, the purity of all Primary colors, Gray and 100% Black is preserved.

Border Clipping

The Border Clipping option will automatically clip colors that are close to either 0 or 100 % of values.

Threshold values are listed below

Ink color spaces

1% tolerance to clip to 0%

2% tolerance to clip to 100%


0..2 will clip to 0

253..255 will clip to 255

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