SaveInk: The Feature ‘Total Amount of Color’

The feature Total Amount of Color allows you to set the tonal value limit for your SaveInk profile. Print data which are converted using your SaveInk profile will be limited to the total area coverage set in the profile. The maximum black value (MaxK) is controlled and adjusted automatically.

Use Mode to specify whether the total area coverage and the maximum black value are to be adopted from the Profile, will be defined manually using Custom or will be calculated automatically using Auto. The maximum black value, the total area coverage and the darkest L* value will be calculated according to the selected method and will be diplayed after a short processing. These values reveal, for example, whether a reduction of the total area coverage will result in brightening of the shadows. Brightening can be identified by an increase of the L* value.

Note: In most cases, the mode Auto produces the best results. It calculates – if the printer profile allows it – a slight reduction of the total area coverage without increasing the L* value significantly.

Note: When using the methods Maximum or Extreme while strongly reducing the total area coverage as well, an identical Lab measurement mapping is possible only to a limited extent.

Note: If the TAC is below 200% the exception Preserve Secondaries is available.


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