SaveInk: Methods for the Creation of SaveInk Profiles

Four different methods are available to specify the basic settings for Ink Saving spanning from weak to very strong.

Standard: This method only offers control over the Ink Saving slider which can be set from low to high. Use this method to get quick results.

Advanced: Allows the user to also define Black Start, Black Width and Exceptions. Use this method to define more precisely how the ink saving performs. When selecting the same settings as in the standard method it will produces identical results.

Maximum: This method dictates the Ink Saving to achieve maximum savings while maintaining the visual color impression and the highest possible colorimetric accuracy. However, Exceptions can still be customized. Use this method to achieve the highest possible colored inks savings with accurate colorimetric reproduction.

Extreme: This method achieves the highest ink savings. However, the options to define exceptions are limited. It achieves even higher savings, but at the expense of colorimetric accuracy.
Note: The method Extreme may reduce secondary colors below 200%, if inks can be saved this way – even when the exception Preserve Secondaries is activated (see screenshot). If you explicitly want to maintain 200% inks for red, green and blue tones, you should use the method Maximum.

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