SaveInk: Creating SaveInk Profiles

An important application of DeviceLink profiles is ink saving while maintaining the visual color impression. Today, SaveInk profiling (sometimes referred to as ink optimization) is a popular application for saving ink and enhancing quality in standardized offset, gravure and newspaper printing. Its application in large-format printing is relatively new, but should be evaluated for cutting the cost of ink consumption.

Note: The tool SaveInk requires a SaveInk license.

Creating SaveInk Profiles:

  1. Open the tool SaveInk and select the printer profile you would like to use for the creation of a SaveInk profile.
  2. Select a predefined Setting for the SaveInk calculation from the drop-down menu.
  3. Customize allows you to specify the Method, the Total Amount of Color, the Ink Saving and to define Exceptions (see screenshot).
  4. Click Next to get to the final step.
  5. Enter a profile Name and select the Format and Size of the profile. Optionally you can activate the checkbox Create Profile Report to get detailed information about the amount of saved ink, the amount of saved ink per channel etc. By clicking on Save the profile is created and stored in the profile folder of your operating system.


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