Features and bug fixes in CoPrA 4.2.1


  • With quality improvements in calculating DeviceLink profiles, the color reproduction in highlight areas is improved. This is relevant for print processes which show large differences in tone value increases of highlight areas between the source and target profile, like flexo printing.
  • The calculation of Exceptions in DeviceLink profiling using Gray and 4CLR profiles as well as certain Black Generation modes (like MinK) have been improved.
  • In DeviceLink profiling some warnings which occurred when using Exceptions have been optimized and improved. For example, using the exceptions Triplex and Duplex in combination with the black generation mode MinK is not recommended and now results in a warning message.

Bug fixes

  • Error corrections for the display of warnings: CoPrA displays warning or informational messages when selected settings are incompatible with measurement data or profile creation. However, an error occurred resulting in warning messages when creating printer profiles even though measurement data had not been loaded. This has been fixed. Additionally, an error has been corrected which displayed a message relevant only for CMYK profiles when updating RGB printer profiles.
  • In some printer profiling the calculation of the black point using the black calculation modes Balance CMY or Auto has been improved. In some cases, the black point had been created too colorful.
  • Links to the new ColorLogic website in the dialog Registration have been updated.
  • In DeviceLink profiling when changing source or target profiles the Preset selected by the user was changed as well. This has been resolved.
  • Image Conversion tool, not all Lab profiles were shown in the drop-down menu. This has been fixed.
  • The column width of the profile list in Profile Manager is now saved when manually resizing the width. This prevents a reset of the column width after certain changes, for example, after reseting a search.
  • Previously, the serial number had only been saved in the copyright tag of “regular” profiles. It is now saved in the copyright tag of Preview Profiles.
  • When creating DeviceLink profiles using more than four channels in the source color space, the creation of Preview Profiles is grayed out. Preview profiles for color spaces Gray, RGB or CMYK can be used in Photoshop.
  • Exceptions were not displayed correctly and switched to Auto when reading out settings from DeviceLink profiles. This has been fixed.
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