Creating DeviceLinks: The Option ‘Highlights’ for Simulating the First Printed Tone

In flexo printing the first printed tone is often subject to a rather high tone value increase. Additionally, in some flexo printing processes there is no transfer of tone values below a certain percentage in the highlight areas. However, the simulation of those process properties is particularly important for proofing applications to truly simulate the final print result in the highlights. It may also be necessary to increase the tone values in the highlights when using the profile for production or separation.

For that reason we integrated six settings in CoPrA to adjust the Highlights when creating DeviceLink profiles (Device Link > Customize > Exceptions).

These settings allow you to specify when the First Printed Tone in the profile should be recognized and appear in the proof (hard or soft proof) or how high the tone value will print at 1%. This ensures that your proof matches your printout. Analogically, when a profile is used for separation which was created with a value of 3% for the first printed tone, small tonal values will be raised to 3% to be printed reliably.

By selecting a setting for the first printed tone you can determine whether the created DeviceLink is intended for Proof or Production.

Default: This setting results in ‘normal’ profiling behavior in highlight areas. Use this setting for all printing processes that don’t require any adjustment of the first printed tone.

First Printed Tone (Production, Preserve 0%): The paper white remains unaffected. Small tonal values will be increased to the entered percentage to be printed more reliably. The purity of colors set in the tab Exceptions will be preserved. This may result in hard edges.

First Printed Tone (Proof): Use this setting to specify when the first printed tone will appear. For example, if you enter 3% for the first printed tone, no tonal values will be printed from 0 to 3%. Color values will start only from 3%.

Printed Tone at 1% (Proof): This setting defines the tone value to be achieved at 1% in proof direction of the profile. In separation direction of the profile, the setting Default is used (in contrast to other highlight settings).

First Printed Tone (Production, Preserve White): The paper white remains unaffected. Low tones will be increased to the entered percentage throughout the separation to be printed more reliably. The settings defined in the tab Exceptions are not retained as a tone is composed using all channels. This reduces hard edges.

First Printed Tone (Production, Minimal Tone): White is printed using the set tonal value in all channels throughout the separation.

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